Furries and Animals Can Be Beneficial to People with ASD

Ask Papa Bear is truly a wonderful site where furs can write in and get help.

One fur wrote in part recently:

I’m cursed with autism and I just can’t take it: the sensory overload, the harder time learning, the fact I will never be understood properly or understand others. It feels painful. I find myself on the ground begging for it all to end, frequently, but I know I can’t fix anything. I just wish there was a clear way out. 

Although you can find the full answer HERE

It does say in part: In a manner similar to human-animal bonds, people with ASD who interact in the furry fandom have had similar positive results.

Overall the article is helpful. I do know several people within the fandom with autism and how they have grown because of the furry fandom makes me so proud to be a furry.