COVID-19 Report: Little Island Fur Con and some good news

Little Island Fur Con recently announced on their site

Update (Oct 2020): LIFC has been further postponed and we will provide the convention date in a future update.

We also finally got some good news namely the vaccine will be ready starting this Dec to 1st Responders . To everyone else more than likely anywhere from Jan to March for everyone else. The problem is really 2 fold #1 the making of enough vaccine to treat everyone and #2 it has to be stored at extremely cold temperatures.

There is also a 3rd issue which has been brought up on a couple of fur con groups on social media which is. Given how bad COVID-19 has been will it be a requirement to show proof you have been vaccinated before you will be allowed in.

The answer to all of them is nobody really knows, and we will all have to wait and see.