3 Fur Cons Left for 2020

We take a look at what has been said to be the last 3 scheduled fur cons for 2020. They being Kemocon (Japan), WFF (China), Confurtiva (Mexico)

So what are their current status as numbers seem to climb


Their official site (Link above) makes no mention of either a con to take place or one had just happened. If you Google Kemocon this image appears.

Beyond that there is nothing.

WFF (China)

Does seem to be happening it’s site does mention one for Dec 18 to 20, 2020

They do have some cool furry wallpaper available

Lastly Confurtiva (Mexico)

Confurtiva does have both a Twitter and Facebook I will say in their defense that they did have a VC back in September. But unless something was said during the VC, neither location even mentions of a con that was scheduled for this Nov. Both Furry Times and GFTV have been trying to contact a staff member for any official update. But as of now I have no idea.


It was later confirmed that Kemocon did held their convention. Although it was limited by Japan’s Pandemic Laws.

Confurtiva did finally cancel their 2020 gathering on Nov 21, 2020