MFF Sponsor The Truth

I know I go on and on about being a Sponsor at MFF, in fact this was my 2nd time as a Sponsor and I finally felt after a little jab from a friend I tell what’s it really like.

In other words Is the $165 worth it?

That photo was taken from my place in line and I only got to the convention center maybe 20 minutes earlier….and you see the line for everyone else I know I make a big deal out of Sponsor Swag here is where I got it and what I actually got

The only thing not mentioned on the site was the 4 ink pen and the phone pouch. Oh that 2nd coupon that was another sponsor playing a joke.

Except for the Sponsor’s Brunch which I already talked about. All being a sponsor meant is being let in 1st and picking a seat. Other words the only real advantage is during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Will I be a Sponsor again? Hell YES!!!

Camp Feral (Canada) Gets a New Mascot, Plus Many Signups

Campers have spoken: it’s porcupine time! Sketch of our sticker/pin design of Feral’s lady mascot: Weeko the porcupine. Stay tuned for the final design!💘 Follow us here and turn on notifications and/or join our mailing list to find out when she and our other merch designs launch!

Signups are Happening around the world

Texas Furry Fiesta (USA) opens DJ signups

Blue Ridge FurFare (USA) opens 2022 dealers’ signups

Further Confusion (USA) opens artist’s alley signups

NordicFuzzCon (Sweden) opens DJ signups