MFF Sponsor The Truth

I know I go on and on about being a Sponsor at MFF, in fact this was my 2nd time as a Sponsor and I finally felt after a little jab from a friend I tell what’s it really like.

In other words Is the $165 worth it?

That photo was taken from my place in line and I only got to the convention center maybe 20 minutes earlier….and you see the line for everyone else I know I make a big deal out of Sponsor Swag here is where I got it and what I actually got

The only thing not mentioned on the site was the 4 ink pen and the phone pouch. Oh that 2nd coupon that was another sponsor playing a joke.

Except for the Sponsor’s Brunch which I already talked about. All being a sponsor meant is being let in 1st and picking a seat. Other words the only real advantage is during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Will I be a Sponsor again? Hell YES!!!