Breaking down Rainfurrest 2015

Because I had previous issues with this subject I wanted to let everyone know this article is based upon multiple sources, including Facebook, Twitter and several furry forums, as well what other furries told me directly at both furmeets and MFF. Anyone claiming this article is taken from somewhere, I suggest you see a psychiatrist as there is something wrong with you. Because it’s wrong to take credit for other people’s observations.

This is an accounting of events that took place not at a fur con but at a place filled where no one cared about anything.

Staff apathy is what really killed Rainfurrest. No one cared what anyone did, despite the countless complaints. Reports of con goers walking around diapers, some even leaving dirty diapers in the hallway. Sex acts taking place both the pool and the indoor fountain. Not to forget public nudity in the hallways, reports of assault, sexual assault, drug use as well as public drunkenness.

Speaking of which and I saw this on the NBC News of how minors were served alcohol in the panels causing more than 1 to be rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. This happened at least 3 times according to that report.

Then there are the dozen of reports of no one checking badges. I even heard of a party of 6. Only 1 ever bought a badge and all of them did pretty much the same thing at the con. Did I mention no one checked.

But when they did the guards were open to bribes. $5 per was the going rate. Some just took a $1, and at the end of the day had enough bills to choke an elephant. One guard boasted they raked in 100s

Then there is the incident that happened at the hotel. Where the drains in the hot tub was blocked with towels. Blowing out the motors. To the reason why, sex. Although only 1 report which I can’t use reports exactly what happened. All I can find through other sources is that someone played plumber and decided working on a toilet in their room was a good idea, which not only caused damage to there room when it broke. But the neighboring rooms as well. That includes the rooms below them, as well as to the sides with inches of water flowing everywhere. Then there is what happened in the elevator, rumor has it these 2 wanted to make out there so they stopped the elevator. Not liking the alarm noise it was making decided to do something about it. They were the same people who caused the water damage. All total it was about $10,000 in total damages.

Despite what has been publically stated by the Rainfurrest staff. They had to be stoned when they walked into the manager’s office with high hopes of a contract renew. You see the manager had gotten all the complaints that the staff refused to deal with. I heard from at least 4 eyewitnesses who heard the manager shouting at the con staff. The word dickheads was used multiple times.

If you think I am focusing on the staff too much, blaming them for the reason the con is no longer around and the word Rainfurrest make the staff at any fur con cringe. Look no further than the closing ceremony video. I swear you can see them passing around something. In addition to giving themselves awards for doing such a good job. This is despite one of them saying they had to clear those out of the room with no badges. I even heard of an attempted sex act on the same stage just before the event. It was only stopped because they needed the space to set up.

They also sold what maybe Rainfurrest greatest legacy. A poster for next year’s con was sold by auction and the money was supposed to be used for finding a new location. Since I got reminded of the law. Let me pass along something to the former staff, especially one who took the cash. Using that money except for finding a new location, unless given to charity can be considered FRAUD.

As far as I know this is the most accurate account of what happened. In my opinion Rainfurrest self imploded.

Since this was posted a video was posted on YouTube by the Internet Historian in 2017 that goes over details I missed and OMFG it’s actually worse.