Election Day Special

It is finally election day and if you haven’t voted already PLEASE VOTE!!! I would say this is the most important election the USA in more than 50 years. Although I have made my feeling clear who I voted for, I want to show you something and there is actually a story behind this photo.

This photo was taken on Sept 23, 2019 and in case you don’t recognize it. This is the closest anyone has gotten to the White House in the past 4 years. Yes I will admit according to authorities it has been open on occasion, but this area is closed off 98% of the time. I just wanted on my Washington, DC trip back in 2019 was just to see the White House. I was not going to protest, I just wanted to take a couple of photos and that’s it.

But also did you know that there are parks just north and south of the White House? Look it up on any map app. They were closed too, and all of this is pre pandemic.

I was told by the locals when Obama was in office you could actually have a picnic in either park or eat your lunch during a break. But not since trump has been in office, they were closed the day he was sworn in and have not been open since. Except for workers who mowed the grass.

You know most Washington, DC city employees have a security clearance…

You could argue about a lot of things. But what is the harm in opening a park? Ask Donald Trump who simply ordered them closed. I even heard a rumor he wanted to build a wall around them.