2 COVID-19 Vaccines

I hate to start off with the cold hard facts but there we are. We have 2 vaccines both of which are 95% effective, which sounds great. But then you realize you might not be able to even get the injection until next summer at the earliest. They both have to finish their trials which should be sometime around January 2021. Next up 1st Responders and those who work in Nursing Homes and hospitals. Even then these companies have to make enough vaccine for everyone. If anyone thinks this is going to be over at the end of 2021, think again. I know a lot of people, including myself are just plain sick and tired of this. According to the current vaccine distribution plan they recently announced. Areas will only get enough vaccine at first to cover just 10% of the population, and later more as more is produced.

Even then by this time next year I would not be surprised if some cons actually limit attendance to those who have been vaccinated. This actually have been spoken about in several convention groups, although nothing official yet.

It’s just plan too soon…