2022/ 23 Furry Times Annual Hot Chocolate Taste Test

The following is a list of restaurants where I tried their standard Hot Chocolate. I ordered a large and here is what I found.

1 . The very best is Whole Foods, perfect mix of chocolate flavor and cream

2 . Mariano’s (Krogers) Strong chocolate flavor, little cream

3 . Hershey’s Hot Chocolate this one I tried at a local sandwich shop. It’s a little stronger than your average chocolate milk

4. 7-Eleven has greatly improved their hot chocolate at least you can tell it’s hot chocolate now, also not too bad.

5 . Dunkin Usually their hot chocolate is pretty good. But the last 2 years it tasted like chocolate cream

6. Starbucks all cream, little chocolate. You would not know this was hot chocolate except for the very pale taste.

7 . McDonalds is the worse of all it tastes like hot store brand chocolate milk