Musicians Getting Noticed

I have been going to the Furry Variety Show at MFF almost as long as I have been going to MFF. I have seen very talented artists preform, even ones who set up shop outside the hotel or in the Lobby or Skywalk. But sadly I could not tell tell you any of their names except for a few. The reason why the difference, Publicity. Those artists have made it a point to get their name NOTICED. Cassidy Civet in fact did a great job, and they are so talented.

I know I struggle with numbers and my audience isn’t as large as other sites. I hope by word of mouth or text that somehow a artist hears this.

If you want to get noticed you should get recognized by an established site, and I don’t mean me. I am talking about Furry Internet Radio no matter how large or small. Radio Rabbit Hole is just 1 example of many. A lot of artists I find are usually by accident which heads to some favs such as Shadyvox. Even though they do get great numbers on YouTube. I would make a guess some of you NEVER heard of before. That is the problem most artists face, getting their name out.

These days making a MP3 at home is easy, if I can do it anyone can. But getting your name out there is extremely hard. So do yourself a favor SHOUT IT OUT link a posted song to every source you can think of but don’t forget Radio Rabbit Hole who activity looks for new artists. Because they can use the most help. You can tag me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr in fact anywhere I can be found as I promise to share what is tagged to me.