FurDu Reports Phishing Scam

We have received reports of phishing accounts attempting to scam individuals with offers of rooms at or around FurDU.

If you encounter any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity, please report it immediately to us at furrydownunder@gmail.com.au or to a member of staff. Do not engage with the individual until you receive a response from the FurDU team.

Report any verified scams to the ACCC via

Tips to protect yourself & others:

  1. ALWAYS verify the identity of the person, especially if you do not know them.
  • No one you are sharing a room with should be afraid of telling you their legal name.
  • Use a 2nd source to verify they are who they claim to be, confirm with friends or furrydownunder@gmail.com.au
  1. Rooms at Crowne and Oaks are paid on arrival, DO NOT send money to someone you have not met in person.
  2. To ensure your safety, NEVER send money via Cryptocurrency, PayPal Friends & Family, or any other non-disputable transfer methods.
  3. FurDU DOES NOT and will never offer you registration or hotel rooms via telegram. Con-hotel enquiries should be sent to hotel@furdu.com.au.
  4. “Scalping” hotel rooms or registration is strictly PROHIBITED and a bannable offense. Report anyone offering a room or registration above cost.
  5. If things seem too good to be true, they probably aren’t.

Thanks to our incredible community and staff, we have already been able to shut down many of this phishing activity. We apologize to anyone who may have fallen victim to these scams and wish you the best in recovering your funds.