Commentary: Why Rainfurrest 2016 was Cancelled

As I been saying ever since a Rainfurrest 2016 would never happen. I think are the very reason negotiations in Spokane failed. A staff that frankly doesn’t give a damn, and out of control con goers. Although I did see postings on their site of how some panels were going to have to be age verified. I still had to wonder would it be enforced. I also wonder about the Panel submissions? It is widely known that Rainfurrest had the nickname Fetish con for a very good reason. Although I do post adult material here. Even talking about some of the subjects of those panels leaves me ill. In my opinion it really was that bad, and worse yet out of control.

I need to say the Rainfurrest has to die and a new con has to be formed out of the ashes of the old one. One more focusing on family friendly events. Frankly I think any adult material should be left out of the revised con…at least for the first year or two. Also a new staff needs to be put in place. All you need to do is watch the closing ceremony of Rainfurrest 2015 on You Tube and you can’t believe what idiots they all are. Giving themselves a reward when the con they love literally Imploded right before there eyes.