Furred Nazis / Furry Raiders Explained

Once again I see another article on Furred Nazis In fact the 2nd one I posted.

So I looked into it and found their was a book published and currently available on Amazon

Really it didn’t take much of an effort to track down the author who quickly consented to an interview. Being a history buff and I know I am not the only one given what I seen on Twitter. You know what people think when they even see the word “Reich”. Although I am not here to judge anyone. Why did you decide to use it?

I chose the title because I would have caught flak regardless of this book’s name so I went all out. As for the idea and concept itself I think it’s the same with a lot of literature: I didn’t choose the story, the story chose me. Instead of suppressing like I had done many other ideas over the years, I decided, “why not give this one a try?”

It’s not a political manifesto, it’s a story about Wehrmacht and Waffen SS veterans in a world of mythical human animals. A lot of these men have incredible stories to tell, stories which have been neglected. I wanted to tell the stories of their characters, but away from the same old, stigmatized setting but instead some place new.
Are you affiliated with the fursuiters I seen wearing armbands?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but yes, I know them well. I think it’s sad that so many Social Justice Warriors in this community are fixated on furries with armbands as “problematic,” when not just a couple weeks ago a 9-year old child was gang raped by active fursuiters in this fandom who apparently nobody noticed and nobody even thought twice about. This kind of thing is exactly why this community gets the bad reputation it deserves.
I am glad you answered that the way you did. So what is the Furred Reich anyway? Are you a tight group with goals, or a loose association like the furry fandom or what?

Actually The Furred Reich isn’t a political group at all. It’s a fantasy fiction trilogy written by me. Book 1 is out and I am almost finished with the manuscript of book II. It’s currently on available as an e-book, but I am working on making a visual novel out of it as well, which some have made their own I have ask are you apart of that group?

Sorry, that one is a question I can’t answer. If you want to talk to the Furry Raiders

That was when it finally hit me I did 2 articles on the Furry Raiders
The Furry Nazis

The Furry Raiders

Back in June 2016

Since then I have spoken with several former members who all tell me the same story.

That they are not bigots, in fact the only thing they can be accused of are being elitists. Thinking that are better than most furries. I say that knowing that I don’t live in Colorado, where they are based, and they do watch this blog of mine.

It also seems they don’t take kindly to members leaving. I been told of a few times the police had to be called in.

So why the armband and the Nazi symbolism? My theory is they are trying to get their name out there, and nothing else. Maybe one can assume to be the first thing anyone thinks about when it comes to furry. But like I said that is a theory.

Despite the way some of us feel. I think the best thing we all can do is not talk about them, which I know seems counter to everything. But remember the more publicity they get, the happier they are.

UPDATE: It seems I was wrong on at least one point, and that there is bigotry within the Furry Raiders. I have heard from at least 5 eyewitnesses who heard members of the Furry Raiders shout out words against someone you will never see here.