FurNation has finally shut Down

Today Feb 19, 2017 FurNation has shut down, like FA when you think of Furry you always think FA and Furnation as both sites has been around for 20 or so years. But today I was when I was checking out Twitter on my phone I saw the following message.

FurNation (SYSTEM) @twitter

The FurNation website is now offline. There is nothing more to say. It’s been one hell of 20 years of fun.

Wanting to know more I checked out their Fb page


This is LEO Owens Admin of FurNation, at least for the last couple days it’ll be up.
It has been a pleasure spending nearly every day for the passed nearly 6 years being a part of this website. When I first joined the site back in 2011 I NEVER thought I would have become a part of it like I had been. I was at the time too timid to even talk to the staff. I didn’t have a tablet for my digital art and was still writing comics on paper. I had just gotten out of high school. I’ve mad lots of friends, and a few enemies. I will remain to be their friends afterwords. I will share with you all my FA https://www.furaffinity.net/user/xiileoiix/ and my twitter https://twitter.com/LEOxOwens it would mean the world to me that if any who desired to contact me watch and or follow me there. I welcome your messages and would love to hear from you always. This site has 6 of the best years of my life and I’ll never forget this place.

Wanting to give you at least a reason why I messaged the Admin and this is the message I got in return

Yes it is very sad but all good things come to an end eventually
A lot of members have signed up to http://www.furgather.net which is similarly set up as FurNation was 🙂

Yes readers today is a sad day.