Print Email Facebook Twitter More Furry fan community tries to shake bad reputation

ABC was better known as the Austrailia Broadcasting Company has posted an article in support of furries. Dealing with the bad rumors about the fandom.

To quote the article.

Furries are fans of animal characters with human personalities and features.

It encompasses comics, art and animation, but it’s the costumes that they are best known for.

From wearing ears and tails to expensive, custom-made, full character suits, fans have diverse ways of celebrating their unique passion.

Conventions in the United States can attract tens of thousands of attendees.

Almost 700 Furries have gathered on the Gold Coast for the ninth annual Furry Down Under (FurDU).

FurDU chairwoman Christine Bradshaw said the community often gets a bad rap that it is all about sex.

“There’s some bad connotations,” Ms Bradshaw said.