The Biggest Non News Story of The Week—Furries and the FBI

You might have seen the post on social media or the subject on some sites of how the FBI did not investigate the Furry Fandom, and how someone found proof.

I kid you not that is longer than the actual post. But everyone is making this out to be a huge deal, me I just don’t get it. Why just ask yourself this why would the FBI conduct a criminal investigation of the Furry Fandom?

You can’t come up with an answer, can you? Neither can I but I know something that the other sites have either missed or just plain forgot. Remember that gas attack on MFF a few years back, I learned from one of the staff and I won’t say whom for. Told me that the FBI did check out the fandom, but in order to see if we had any enemies. They wore actual fursuits to some conventions bought furry items in the dealer’s area at certain cons and online.

There was no actual investigation they wanted to check out the fandom in general and see if some of the rumors were true.

Amazing no one even talks about that except for little me.