Beastars Season 2 Review: No Spoilers

Okay so this is a lot slower than a lot of reviews, frankly I am not a binge watcher. I like watching an episode than watch another on a different day. I am that way with a lot of shows.

Just finished The Season 2 Finale and Oh Brother!!! Unlike most I don’t want to include spoilers, as I know some of you may have not seen it. But you should.

I have to agree with this one YouTuber when they said, “Season 1 was filled with hope and adventure”. Season 2 is dark, very dark. To quote one of my favorite sayings, “Like a raven’s wing at Midnight”. Haru is barely in this season. When she is there the moment is a key scene.

This entire season focuses on both Legoshi and Rouis or Louie as some like to say. We take off right after Rouis kills the leader of the gang of lions. His life changes, as so does Legoshi when he takes on the job of finding Tem’s killer. And in turn he discovers who is really is. We all know that Legoshi is having a hard time trying come face with him being a predator that is in love with a herbavore, and everything that involves. His training with Gohin, to become what he is meant to be.

Really there were times I didn’t know which way the series was going at first. But when Legoshi finds out the truth. Gad Pina for a dall sheep is so handsome. We find out what is the truth and frankly, it comes to a point we are unsure if Legoshi, the murder, and Louis will survive the last episode.

It was incredible, being so dark. Some might even look at themselves in RL differently. Season 2 only confirms that Beastars could be the greatest anime series of all time.

Frankly I can’t wait for Season 3