Fur Con News: Furvester Cancels

Furvester (Germany) Cancels 2021 Event

Dear martian travelers,

We have been waiting, observing, and following the COVID-19 situation closely and as promised have come to a decision regarding Furvester for this year.

The loosened regulations would theoretically allow us to hold a convention with a wide variety of precautions. We are in contact with the local health authority, however, we have decided to postpone Furvester one more year.

The health and safety of our hard working crew of volunteers as well as that of our attendees is of paramount importance to us. Additionally while we trust that our crew can pull off amazing things, giving them only three months to put together a worthwhile experience is an inordinate amount of additional stress in an already stressful time. There simply are not enough cookies in the world to make up for all the work this would entail.

We are saddened by this inevitability, but are encouraged by your continued interest and your enthusiasm to make Furvester a fun, exciting, and safe event. We all look forward to being able to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with you all again soon.

Until then, stay healthy everybody!

DASPRiD and Flint, FV Chairmen
and the entire FV Board of Directors

Originally posted to Telegram