PayPal Issues by Ahmar Wolf

In the last few months since I follow so so many artists and some fursuit makers I began to see more and more issues they were having when using PayPal.

All of this was laid in my lap by LuckFox 33 who then gave me access to a Online document of showing issue, after issues, of other PayPal users having accounts suddenly frozen, other limited, some even taken down with money owed to the account.

Take the story of @VexstacyArt they have been using PayPal for 11 years. Then all of a sudden there account is limited. Worse yet PayPal gave no explanation why. What makes this problem worse is they are not the only one.

I know some have said this could be because of a tax issue. Funny thing PayPal has zero authority to collect taxes. Also the taxes is not due until it winds up in someone’s bank account. Speaking of which, some have experienced funds having vanished with no explanation.

Then there are a few that involve Ukrainians, we all know the horror they are facing. Many need these funds for very basic needs such as food and shelter. PayPal isn’t letting a single penny through.

But I think the craziest one of all is what happened @BrdtE they have been using PayPay for years. Then all of a sudden their account gets suspended because PayPal Needs a Photo ID. You know they sent their passport and still nothing.

Believe me the stories get wilder and wilder like on account holder was denied access to their account for now get this “legal reasons and security measures”. But yet PayPal would not explain what they were.

The evidence is overwhelming PayPal is stealing from some accounts. Some like @LuckFox33 did get their money eventually, but still. It took multiple emails and phone calls to PayPal before someone even answered, then taking way long than it should to resolve the issue.

The hardcore fact is this artists, fursuit makers in fact anyone who takes on a commission is effected by this. Many have quit their jobs to do commission work and without PayPal what then? Use another App, that I recommend for now. Anything but PayPal. I have closed my PayPal account since, and recommend others do the same.

Some might be asking what is PayPal’s reply to all of this… Nothing. I emailed them weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything as of this date. Personally I wish I had more to say, but the facts speak for themselves and sadly that is where I have to leave this.

UPDATE: I encourage everyone to checkout what is happening with Flipper Zero and Pay Pal