Garden State Fur Con Coming 2024

Congrats for starting a new con, but in case you was wondering about that 10 year gap. That turns out the be the Cape May Fur Meet there is a full article on it on Wikifur

The thing that made CMFM unique in the furry con/meet/fest scheme of things was that it used a chartered train as part of the meet itself, operated by furries who happened to be CMSL employees. The initial meet charters involved the CMSL’s RDC cars M-407 or M-410. As the CMSL altered its operations the meet would make use of the CMSL trainset consisting of Lehigh Valley RR painted F7 #576, a former New York Central lounge car and one of the RDC’s acting as a cab car. The original crew consisted of LionKing acting as engineer and JFox conducting, but at some point Smrgol took over as conductor.

It ran from 2000 to 2014 A typical meet schedule included a train ride from Cape May Courthouse to Cape May with the stops at the Cape May County Zoo and Cold Spring, followed by a dinner and free exploration of Cape May, and a train ride back. The second day of the meet consisted of the train ride to Cold Spring, a school bus ride to the resort town of Wildwood, free exploration of its boardwalk and bus and train to get back.