My 2nd Trip to Evansville, IN

On Saturday I will be in Evansville, IN for just over a week, so my updates might become spotty even though I hope otherwise. Some might remember I went to Evansville back in 2018, and discovered a really remarkable city with a unique past along with a connection to Chicago. Once again I will be staying with a friend and doing the tourist thing. Also have brought COVID tests with me. A sorry state of reality for the times we live in.

Once again I will be going by bus, but since Greyhound has changed it’s route. I will be going by way of Louisville, KY and be there at such an odd time that nothing is open so all I can do is be on my phone for the most part waiting for the 2nd leg of my journey to start.

I will report on these as well as furry news when it’s available, frankly not much is happening now. Like usual I will be posting photos on Instagram @ahmarwolf and my @Dr_Timefox on Twitter as well as reporting them here. But I promise they will not be the only major thing I will be posting…. I hope.

I guess the only other thing is my return trip, I am spending the night in Indianapolis mainly because if I took the scheduled bus home. I arrive way to late to be in a dangerous neighborhood. I hope one day to go to Indy Fur Con, so this is a taste of that city for me.

But more on that later