Cozy Con 2023 Date Set


This is your last chance to get the @Sept 2022 Attendee role and get your free goodies at ✨free-attendee-swag as the reaction to get the role will be removed tomorrow morning, ~10am PDT.

A big thank you to @everyone who came out to the event! We wouldn’t be able to run without interested folks coming to hang out. We hope you had a good time and we can’t wait to see you again on the 3rd weekend of May, 2023!

🔹 If you missed opening/closing/bloopers etc 

🔸 More videos will get uploaded as we’re able to edit out panels and get them up. Give us a follow for notifications & help us reach a unique channel URL!

Feedback form for everyone! Panelists/DJs, Vendors/Vendor Assistants, Attendees, Staff, etc. Please take a few moments to fill this out so we can improve the event in the future. 

We wouldn’t have all the amazing content we have, if it weren’t for the Vendors, Panelists, and DJs! Be sure to check out their sites and social media.

🔹 Panelists & DJ contacts can be found on their events listings at (Some were missing and have been added! All should be there.)

🔹 Vendors can be found year round at or 🎨vendor-map in our Discord.

We couldn’t have put this all on without our Volunteers! They do a lot more than you may see from the surface to make things run as smoothly as they can! Check them out at 

🔹 We can always use more help so if you’re interested, please fill out (And forward any folks you know who might be interested! Even a few hours here and there is helpful.)

A big thank you to our Donors, 18+ tier and those who purchased from our con-store! You folks really make it possible for us to financially run our future events. There are a lot of overhead costs to upkeep things we need to run, so those $5 donations/badge purchases are a lot more helpful than you may think, so thank you~

🔹 Personalized badges, Donations, 18+ role and Sponsor tier available until Sep 25th, at which time our reg will go down while we shuffle some things around. (We will also be making our sponsor clothing orders at this time.) 

🔹 Con Store themed items will remain up until after our next event but item stock can fluctuate in these trying times so grab what you want sooner rather than later. 

🔹 If you’d prefer not to use the reg system to donate, we have a Ko-fi! 


🔹 Peak Discord members: 956 (lots more unique users in/out over the weekend)

🔹 Sept 2022 Attendee Swag pickup: 216

🔹 VRC Cozy Island Visits: 1,515 (67 favs)

🔹 VRC Vendor Hall Visits: 1,238 (65 favs)


🔹 Digital merch personalised badges and con store discount codes have all been sent via email. Be sure to check your junk mail.

🔹 Physical merch will be organised and sent out as soon as we can. Some merch we have on hand already so those will get sent out ASAP. Sponsor tier items will be ordered ASAP but may take 4 weeks to arrive to us, then we have to package them before sending them out. Thank you for your patience!

💖 We’re so thankful to all of you for being a part of this community and event, and we hope to see you again on the 3rd weekend of May, 2023. 

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  1. Hey! This is great and all – but you literally just copy pasted from the CozyCon Discord Server. So it would be great if you could source back to that! Thanks!

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