My Evansville Trip #3: Mesker Park Zoo

One of my actual goals for this trip was to go to places that I never been. Mesker Park Zoo was certainly one of them.

Next to Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL it is certainly one of the largest zoos that I have ever been. It’s also one of the nicest friendly staff, animal encounters that make you feel all warm inside, a Tram you are happy that is there. As well as a restaurant that had a really nice selection. Usually zoo fare is the standard pizza, hot dogs, etc. You can get here a grilled chicken sandwich and even beer.

The lack of photos in this and previous posts echo an issue I have been having. My friend as a tricky wifi password and some of my devices are not connecting. This and previous posts will be updated later.


Can you believe this is inside a building at a Zoo?!!! They can it Amazonia, I call it amazing

The lake there was a former quarry