MFF 2023 Starts for Me Today

I am very well aware I should have been going into better coverage for MFF 2023. But I had a lot of personal issues of late. Will not let that take over despite what some say is my favorite fur con. I will cover my actual experience both as an attendee as well as a volunteer. Whatever happens, both good and bad I will say something. But really as I mentioned previously there are some unusual Panels this year and I plan on being there for some. As in years past a daily report will be given which will end with a Vlog about my experiences.

One of which I know is NEVER get your badge on Thursday. Some have reported on waiting 40 minutes which is amazing compared to numbers in the past extending over 7+ HOURS.

I really wish I was making that up, but all you need to do is check social media on that one.

Speaking of which a few reported that the Staff had mentioned that they served 6,000+ yesterday. Which is already more than this time last year, speaking of which photos on Twitter of the Registration Line is mind blowing it was HUGE.

Maybe as a response to the light pole covered in stickers last year. MFF has set up 2 panels where you can place your own personal sticker. Mine will be there and I will post the photo here. These panels will be up for auction we will have to see what they sell for.

If everything goes right I will be meeting up with Romeo Rabbit of Radio Rabbit Hole for lunch today. I have been helping them out by posting videos on their Twitter. But this will be the 1st time we ever meet.

That’s it until tomorrow, with photos have a good day