MFF 2022: Day 1 Friday

Yesterday was my 1st day at MFF 2022 with only a rough idea what I was going to do.

It began with this

You might recall this pole from last year when by the end of MFF 2021 it was covered in stickers. More on this later.

We all kinda expected a few changes this year but not this

You would think this belonged to the Reg line. But you would be wrong it’s the Vax Line, the one thing I can say it was quick around a half hour, just to get your Vax cards checked and get that wrist band.

This is only part of the Reg line

But despite a lot of things the longest any one seems to wait is 43 minutes

Mine was quicker… Sponsor you know

I did something different this year instead of going to the Opening Ceremonies. I went instead to a StreetPass meet. Turns out and I really mean it, I get the most hits on average. There were around 15 at the meet. All totaled by the end of the day I got 29, a absolute record for me. 27 of them was for the 1st time. I really hope this number holds for next years convention.

During the day, I went to quite a few panels and most notably the one hosted by AC Stuart, who did autograph my book in the Dealers Den. He was fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic I had lunch with Romeo Rabbit of Radio Rabbit Hole and they were so nice. Pleasant to be around and didn’t mind my rambling.

I wanted to show you this

That is one of 2 panels they set up in what some call the fish bowl. The other I placed my own sticker

Unfortunately it was too dark later to take another set of photos, by this the above was almost completely full.

MFF’s Plan was to set these panels up to avoid that pole being covered in stickers. I think they need more panels.

2 last things before I leave you today.

Ever had anything you planned suddenly go differently.

I had time to kill in the afternoon, so I decided to volunteer. They put me at the entrance to the Art Show. In case your wondering what did… check badges and make sure no water bottles, no backpacks or bags. I wound up doing it for 2 hours, what can I say I was tired. The chair they gave me was comfortable.

The Furry Variety Show was in one word amazing. Fantastic acts, good humor and what can I say I really enjoyed myself. They also had the largest attendance the show ever had. That room where it was held was 3/4 full

Almost forgot, the crowd geez it was packed. Will take photos of that today, but everyone from The Staff, The Volunteers, and even those like me. Would be totally surprised if they don’t report record attendance. I have not seen crowds this big since the last anime con I attended