MFF 2022: Day 2 AKA The Day of The Ambulance

Before I get into coverage of MFF Day 2. I have to address some of the rumors flying around the internet about MFF 2022. So far 13 ambulances, after speaking with security at least a couple of these calls involved real accidents, as well as a few cases of alcohol poisoning. Yes there was a SWAT truck parked there yesterday and inflated dinos blocked the entrance to the hotel. That pole is covered with stickers again and the hotel called the city of Rosemont. Also record attendance, Duncan Husky hinted at it on Twitter, security confirms it. Although the exact figure will be released during the closing ceremony. There will be changes to the Dealers Area next year totally due to the fact at one time or more? No more was allowed to enter as it violated fire laws, mainly due to the number who was there. Registration was simply amazing the longest wait I heard was 4 hours and that was Thursday. Given previous years where 7+ hours or more were common, this is a GREAT improvement. I hear there were a lot more volunteers this year, many 1st timers, some even giving back during their 1st MFF ever!

Day 2 was the day I met up with an old friend and hung out. Not to say we didn’t do things it’s just we more looked around at the Artist Alley trying to find an artist we both liked. 2 commissions were made, but given where we are on the list it could be a month before we get anything.

But in addition

Sponsor’s Brunch

You should have seen the line to get in and we all had a very good meal.

You can clearly see mine on the 2nd panel. Mine you this was day 2. I suggested they need 5 for next year, security agreed. Later I saw the pole and OMG wait to you see it… tomorrow.

What else Santa Furry

The biggest for us was Fursuit Charades

Funny thing happened during that event. They took a break near the end and half the crowd and half the fursuiters who were doing this left. Have no idea why.

Last the 18+ edition of “Whose Lion”, Alkali was GREAT was per his usual, although I agree with the staff he should have been given the 2nd Stage. You can see by the photo how good was my view.

Even though I was a Sponsor, I opted to sit with my friend. What can I say I’m Loyal

A few more photo and I expect juicy news from the Closing Ceremony as well as Joe Strike talking about his new book “Furry Planet”.

All this tomorrow