MFF 2022: Day 3 : Things Don’t Go As Planned

That above title is correct, maybe it was because of miss planning on my part or things in general on The Final Day of MFF 2022.

For me it began because of personal reasons I did not arrive at MFF to almost 11 AM. I had quite a few things planned and sleeping late sorta ended it. I just had enough time to get a gift for a friend, eat lunch before it was my 1st Panel of the day for me.

One of my favorite author’s is Joe Strike, this was from his panel on getting published. I was hoping to find out more about his new book “Furry Planet”, and certainly did it comes out in February and should be available everywhere, even Audible in the near future.

Next Up Fursuit Games, which due to a previous panel wasn’t set up which caused a nearly 15 minute delay.

Eventually it started and I took part more on that in another report.

The bad part was that I had to leave it early for Joe Strike’s 2nd Panel on Furry Planet. Learned a lot more about the book, it’s more a sequel to Furry Nation.

A quick early dinner than the saddest moment of any con The Closing Ceremony.

Despite the usual delay, howling was encouraged and actually made Official

We got the news

700 Special MFF drinks served

over 100 Volunteers

The Official Con Tee was SOLD OUT, I never heard that happening before.

380 actually used the services of The Accessibility dept

But I know you don’t want me to ramble so what did we get and what is my take on this

13,641 attendees

That is more than 2,000 than 2019 when they had 11,019

Right now MFF is getting the same attendance as the Anime cons that are held there on average. Anime Central does say on it’s site that average 15,000 but they don’t release exact numbers

So what did Street Dog Coalition get $106,283.66 let me tell you they were crying tears of joy on stage

…and the Theme for Next Year?