MFF 2022: The Light Pole Controversy

I am very well aware I am stretching the title a bit. But really I am talking about the pole that holds the signal light on the NE corner of Bryn Mawr and River Rd in Rosemont, IL it’s the same block where the Hyatt Regency O’Hare sits.

All this started last year when furries and I include myself started to put stickers on this pole.

Naturally the hotel and the City of Rosemont didn’t like this, they thought it graffiti and with in 2 weeks all the stickers were gone.

Fast Forward to a week ago today when I snapped this photo

To quote a film “They’re Back”

Keep in mind MFF in order for this not to happen, place 2 panels up in what some call the “Fishbow” in the same area they have their offices.

Let me remind you this photo was taken Saturday morning, by the time both were at the charity auction I saw that they had no empty spaces left.

Due to circumstances I was unable to take a photo of the light pole on Saturday, but by Sunday we got this.

Notice something missing.

But wait there is more… When furries are involved…

I won’t say where this is, but it’s easy to figure out yourself. I wonder who many poles will be covered next year?