Furcation 2022 Charity Numbers

From their official site

Dear Furcation Attendees and Supporters,

I am delighted to announce that, through the generosity of the Furcation Community this year we have raised a verified total of…


This is a fantastic amount which the charity have already expressed their immense gratitude for. They have let me know the money will allow them to initiate a step change in their work and are already looking to take on more trainers to increase he work they do. All because of a furry holiday in Somerset. You people rock!

Some of you however may be asking why this amount is lower than a running total given in the closing ceremony. Unfortunately despite efforts I have been unable to contact or verify a donation that was verbally offered and so at this point cannot include this in any verified totals. While this is a disappointment, there is more good news.

A shout-out to our friends at Catnip Radio who have been fundraising for RAD for the last couple of weeks and have so far raised over £1000 (and counting!).

It doesn’t stop here though. To go some way to putting right missing donations, we have ourselves opened a Just Giving Link direct to the charity. Anything you can spare is appreciated, However simply sharing the link would be a massive help!


Once again, thank you to everyone for your generous support of an amazing cause!

Much Love to all,

Janner Dogwai,
Furcation Charity Liaison

In addition 2023 Theme was announced

Space: The Final Fur-rontier

Join us in 2023 as we celebrate all things space related.