Velma (HBO Max) Review

Stepping aside of the furry fandom for a while. I wanted to review Velma for a while now, and was able to check out the 1st episode last night.

I want to make it very clear I have watched every Scooby Doo TV series and movies ever made. Some I thought dreadful others like Mystery Inc I think is the Best of the Very Best this franchise has to offer. So where does Velma fit in?

As they made it extremely clear within the 1st 10 minutes, shower scene to be exact. This isn’t your grandparents Scooby Doo. It’s a modern animated series made for adults, incorporating many aspects of Riverdale. I can recall at least at 1st Riverdale getting slammed by some. But since both Archie comics and in turn Riverdale not being well known. It was more accepting, to viewers. Why the last Archie animated series was back in the 1970s. Meanwhile Scooby pops up every couple of years or so.

We all know the characters inside and out and I will admit Mystery Inc fleshed out the characters even more than any other series in the past.

But here we are presented with not only a new design for each one, but some are now ethnic. Velma herself being 1.

Crystal Cove is what the producers want, it has been that way.

But to have Velma charged with Murder, I never turned away.

I give the series 3 out of 5 stars for the following reason.

Overall it is excellent, they layout is fine, the addition of 2 female cops who fall into the LGBTQ+ spectrum, I love. The mystery itself and the clues are very well done and the dripping blood… nice touch. The characters are good, their personalities are something to get use to, but that seemly possessed fetus was a delight.

I admit getting use to everything maybe knocked off a single star, but we have to see how things go.

If you haven’t and want to give it a try. Forget it’s Scooby Doo and you might enjoy it.