Eurofurence Date Uncertainty Effects Smaller Con

Wild Times is a fur con that takes place.

KulturHaus is safely tucked in surrounding forest of the Garlstedt village, in Northwest part of Germany. Surrounded by stunning nature full of walking paths and beautiful forest scenery, many birds, blueberries, mushrooms and more!

The exact location is:

Hinterm Horn 5
27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck

In fact their Registration was to open in March

Then this was posted to their Telegram

If we don’t have new information by the end of this month regarding Eurofurence we’ll act as if the following will happen (based on information we gathered so far):

Eurofurence 2023 in Hamburg (CCH / Radisson Blu) in Early September

This would mean we’ll try to move Wild Times 2023 (either a week earlier or to Easter 2024).

We know it’s not perfect but as a Convention and its community that originated at Hamburg Furmeet we need to make a decision. So please understand if we move Wild Times 2023 for this very reason.

As we have not been approached by Eurofurence (similar to how we didn’t get any information from EAST when they moved to September), we will act based on PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY instead.

Currently Eurofurence is looking for a new location, and has put their dates on hold until an official announcement can be made.