Welcome to Furrytimes.net

As you might of noticed sometime last night I finally activated the domain name I bought last month. I admit it took me a while to figure it out, and the auto accident I was involved with really didn’t help things. But I checked the setup and there really doesn’t seem to be any issues. You can access this site via the old wordpress address or the new dot net address.

If your having any issues email me at editor at furrytimes dot net

You might of noticed I said site not blog, it really doesn’t mean you will see any major changes. It’s just I want to be more professional and now with the extra space I have for more media you might see the return of furry comics, and even videos to my You Tube channel. Btw my Best Furry Music Videos playlist there has recently topped 290,000 views.

You also might of noticed the links I had posted since the start of all of this are now gone. This is because I really don’t see anyone using them in my stats. Let me know below if you want them back otherwise they won’t return. I hope to make some other changes like a new banner, and an icon I now can add. But we will just have to see. The changes from having a free blog to one I now pay for gives me a couple of options I never had before and it might be fun seeing what I really can do.