They are Worth How Much?!!!

You don’t realize how actually rare something is until you start looking for it. I got into collecting old furry comics only recently, and the number and variety just blows me away like the prices. Take Associated Student Bodies according to wikifur and other sources issues go for between $50 and $250 each. Albedo if you even find it, which doesn’t happen that often generally go for around $200 each. I found out today that Omaha The Cat Dancer is going for around $40. Meanwhile the average price for an old furry comics is between $7 and $10 on FurBid.


With that said for my readers I found Associated Student Bodies for view and it can be found HERE

Once I am off this medical restriction you will see more issues of Genus and complied issues of now Associated Student Bodies.

In addition…

according to wikifur

Associated Student Bodies, abbreviated as ASB, was a series of eight adult comic books produced by Lance Rund and Chris McKinley in the 1990’s. It has become a staple comic of the Furry fandom and most every furry art aficionado is familiar with it on some level.

The story of ASB revolves around a young lion, Daniel, who goes off to college to share a dorm with a wolf, Marcus, and an entire floor of predominantly homosexual roommates of various species. The series accounts Daniel’s discovery of his own same-sex feelings for Marcus, dealing with being gay in a hostile environment, and reconciling his feelings with his family and faith.

The series has inspired yearly calendar addendums, art print portfolios, and t-shirts. It was written by Lance Rund to be a complete story with a definitive beginning and end, and so it has not continued beyond its original eight issues. Before the reprint in 2004, issues of ASB could fetch $50 to $100 or more on various furry auction venues, such as FurBid and FurEAuction.

The series ran from 1998 to 2000, with a hardcover “yearbook” collection of all eight issues published in 2004.

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