Live-a-Hero in hot water over police suit controversy

From Torazer Furry Network

A new turn based RPG game, Live-a-Hero was released this month under Lifewonders, a well known LGBT-focused game studio, makers of Fantastic Boyfriend and the ever popular Tokyo Afterschool Summoners game were met with favorable reviews.

Recently, the game held its first event, “Dawn’s Golden Spirit”, and at the same time, an “Ether Search” gacha will be held from 10/16 to 11/08 at 6PM (WIB).

The gacha features 2 special characters, Gomeisa, a young giant alien working as a waiter, and Barrel, a police officer.

Unfortunately, Barrel became the lightning rod for controversy when he was revealed by Takemoto Arashi on his Twitter account. While Barrel was praised for his character design, many, amongst those of the western furries were calling out Takemoto, accusing him of sexualizing police officers, especially since furry police OCs were frowned upon due to the relation of the recent riots against the police in the US.

When Takemoto revealed the new character on his Twitter account, the tweet reached over 1,400 retweets, with others quoting the tweet, criticizing Barrel for fetishizing police officers. Even went on to use the #ACAB hashtag as their form of hatred towards the American police after cases of police brutality against blacks were on the rise.

This resulted in Barrel debuted at number 37 in our Furry Character Popularity List. The lowest on the list.

Keep in mind, this is not the only time Takemoto was on hot water, as the #PoliceFurce2020 hastag on Twitter was fueled with anti-police sentiments and accusations of fetishizing police officers, not just to Takemoto, but also the other furry artists who have participated in this trend.

Takemoto has remained silent on this matter, and Lifewonders have not issued any statements regarding the decisions made for Barrel’s costume design.