Shake It Off

Once again I hear NASTY rumors spread about me by the local furry fandom. Which only confirms what others as far away as Thailand have said to me directly. The Chicago Furry Fandom as it stands now is Toxic. It was back in 2018 and still is, and they blame me why they can’t get huge crowds at various meets. Really that isn’t a joke, I swear some have said I was the reason Trump was elected. If you check my Twitter posts, I hate the bastard, and have said this repeatedly.

If you expect me to rant away incoherently forget it.

But let me tell you what changed my mind as I was being eaten up alive inside by rage. I was sitting in this movie theater with a friend watching “Sing”. Thoroughly enjoying myself, Sing is a pretty good film. When the following song came on, “Shake It off”. That was when it hit me, I could do nothing to stop this and whatever hate they have for me. Will just have to burn itself out, and the best way to do this, and prevent me being maced. An actual threat made against me, was to just avoid them. Which is what I have been doing.

True Story: I almost ran into a couple of them at MFF 2019 and I successfully avoided them. They had no idea I was there until they either saw my ads, or this site. This avoidance will continue as long as it is necessary. I wish it could be different, by right now that is impossible.

My message to them, Watch this video: