Spring Cleaning

My blog has been around for 13 years as of this April. Naturally a lot of links in all that time went bad. I figure somewhere around 50% of all YouTube vids I ever posted are no longer there. So after a long thought about this, and that email I got over this one meme. I decided to go through my entire archive and take some things down. Let’s just say I would not post them currently. Including comics, which at one point use to be the only thing I posted for a while. They are being taken down, not because of any copyright issues. But it just feels wrong having them up there. The same with memes and etc. So if you really browse the archives please be aware that if it involves an image, it may not be there after a while.

I also discovered some of my old stories there, ones I made no back up copy. Those are going to my wattpad.

I am sure what you are looking for can still be found on the original artist page. Sorry for an inconvenience.

One of the main reasons for this I am slowly making changes for the better I hope with my coverage of the furry fandom. Bringing more attention to furry publishers, authors, singers and etc.

Not to forget con coverage, next year I hope to go to Anthrocon and after that other cons. They will get the same detail as my current coverage of MFF.

One story in the works is what happens when you get one of those DNA test kits to find lost relations. I am thinking I might get wolf, jackalope and fox. But we have to see, right now I am just waiting for it to come.

I try my best to bring my best to my readers. Believe me when one of you say “Hi” which has happened multiple times at MFF. You bring a smile to my face, believe me you are greatly appreciated, also currently the only way to get one of my stickers. I also listen to suggestions, I found they are all quite useful and have made quiet changes based upon them.

I hope as things slowly become normal again – fingers crossed. I hope to cover more of the fandom, one trip I like to make is go all the way to Seattle by train. Sadly not to one of the conventions, as they take place near MFF’s; but to a very huge bowling meet. I was born near there and hadn’t been to Seattle since I was just a pup. I hope to make friends along the way.

Thank You for being there

Ahmar Wolf