Venice tourists given water pistols to fire at aggressive seagulls

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Venice Italy is having a problem with seagulls.

Tourists in the Italian city of Venice have been issued with water pistols to fend off violent seagulls.

The large birds, which congregate around the popular tourist hotspot of St Mark’s Square and across the city’s many ornate balconies, have been giving hoteliers a headache for years.

Enrico Mazzocoo, manager of the Monaco and Grand Canal hotel told The Times, “a gull flew off with an entire steak, just as the waiter lifted the lid off the plate he was serving it on.”

The predatory birds have also been known to snatch ice creams, croissants and sandwiches out of tourists’ hands as well as smashing glasses and plates.

Anybody who lives in an area where these birds are common. Chicago is actually one such place, knows seagulls can be bastards if they are hungry enough. I have personally seen them attack picnickers and people just plain eating ice cream bars. We my make light of this, but really it all started because people were feeding them.

They say in the article they might use hawks to control the problem.

If you don’t want to make the problem just as bad everywhere else just don’t give them food.