The Alfurnative (Netherlands) Change Con’s Location


‘Hello everyone, its me Hunter, your chairman. I have some good news and I have some bad news.
The bad news is that unfortunately one of our sponsors has folded, and as such, are no longer able to afford the event space that we hoped for, and planned for.

The good news is that we have found an alternative almost immediately. I have done significant calling around right before EF, and during, and been in contact with ‘Outsite’, which is a local LGBTQ+ community and they have decided to grant us their space. To serve part as a dancefloor, a gather place and in general just during the day the a meetup space.

Not only this, but thanks to them we have been able to secure a sponsorship from LG33, which also looks out for rights in this community, and with that money we are better able to support our staff and artists. This space is only a minute’s walk out from the hotel – it’s directly opposite. Even has a nice little bridge which dually serves as a photo-op.

I hope, gracefully, for your understanding as this is our first convention and our first attempt at making something like this work in the Netherlands. Something to note and something to be proud of, is that our first attendance number is already much higher than any other first-timers in furry history.

With this, I hope to see you in a month’s time,
Your Chairman,
——-End of transcript

This message was brought to you by the AFn team in the spirit and heart of honesty and transparency.

The Hotel itself, its lounge and your ability to suit in and around the Hotel is not affected. This is entirely about the space we give panels in and the space we dance in. The dealers den is unaffected. The DJ setlist is unaffected. (which we’ll release the coming week!)
Please voice your concerns so we may address them!