Soda City Fur Con Issues a Statement

Dear Users

SCFC is going to be going radio silent for a while, while we regroup, This isn’t the end of SCFC, We just did things too quickly,

Our website is being put in maintenance mode while we rebuild that.

Refunds have gone out to people who bought tickets.

Our current Board of Directors is being shuffled around / and or rebuilt.

Our Public Telegram Chat did get deleted, it wasn’t the best time to HAVE a main telegram chat it’s easier to control everything via an announcement chat instead.

We are going to look at options to host smaller events vs one large big event under the SCRUFF banner. Ie bowling, picnics, small furmeets, movie nights and all the other fun stuff.

On the Board news. Our VP and President has stepped down to take on personal issues, out of respect please do not send them any messages at this time.

All communication will happen via this announcement chat or you can send us a dm at

Thank You ~SCRUFF