Furry Suit Makers Go Mainstream Making Mascot Suits

Forbes recently did an article on Fursuiter makers going mainstream

Furries get a bad rap. A seemingly small but growing, widespread, and highly visible fandom, in truth furries are just people who appreciate anthropomorphic animals. Some show that appreciation through art production or consumption, while others roleplay, or identify as, a “fursona.” A highly visible minority wear intricate fursuits, lifesize manifestations of a fursona, to events. But some furries incorporate the fandom into their sex lives to varying degrees, from working a little fursona role play into their flirtations to wearing specialized “murrsuits,” fursuits with crotch zippers and other sexual additions, during sex. Sensationalists and pearl-clutchers latch onto the sexual edges of the fandom, painting furries as uniformly sex-addled deviants, or disturbed minds. This characterization is so prevalent that all serious reportage on the fandom has to grapple with it. It has also created a culture of caution and discretion around sexual margins of the fandon.

Although they do a fair job mentioning several fursuit makers such as Artslave, they do touch on both the chlorine attack at MFF and Murr-suits. The article is fair and does show off our creative side.


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