Google’s Stadia

When Google finally revealed the price and the monthly plan I thought it was going to be great. $129 for the Stadia device is rather cheap and so is the $9 a month plan for the Pro Plan. But when you start digging into it an see the Bandwidth and Data Caps this country has for Internet use you see HUGE problems with it, and I totally agree with others that this country isn’t ready for Cloud Gaming and whose fault it is, not the Gaming companies, nor the developer’s, not even Google. It’s the politicians who like ISP’s getting all they can from their customers.

Let me remind everyone when the FCC allowed ISPs to put restrictions on the Internet. Those people who voted for this was appointed by Trump and the Republicans. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

Also, the Internet in this country is a joke. Did you know on average we pay more for less bandwidth than any other country? I did an informal survey a few years ago and found on average in Europe they pay less for broadband than we do. Back then they were paying $20 for 50MB service and no data caps. In Africa, it’s a bit more for less speed $30 for 40MB service. Meanwhile, in Japan, they got 1GB service as a standard 4 years ago and it’s available even in rural areas. Meanwhile in the US Dial-Up is slowly being replaced by Cellphone Internet. Why no fibre comes down to politics The Republicans actually killed a plan for fibre in rural areas. Mitch McConnell actually called it a waste of money.

But is it?