When is ‘Beastars’ Coming to Netflix?

I ran across this site Whats On Netflix because of that headline. It featured great photos from Beastars.

and even a trailer for the series

As to what it exactly says, prepare to be disappointed. It does not say when, it just says

Saying that Beastars is coming “first thing” is very ambiguous and could mean we may not see the anime arrive until March. Typically the streaming service doesn’t like to release anime titles without an English dub available. If the English dub hasn’t been recorded yet, then we know what we’re waiting for.


We scoured the internet but unfortunately, Netflix has kept extremely tight-lipped with Beastars. We’re hoping to see a confirmed release date soon.

Will Beastars be available worldwide?

The series is already available in Japan, but upon release will also be available to subscribers worldwide.

Really, folks, I wish I could give you a date. But until they announce something my paws are tied…but not so tight.