Twitch streamer Nymn “kicked out” of Furry convention for livestreaming reported why it isn’t a good idea to “LIVESTREAM” at a con like Nymn.

Even though rules of seemly every con these days say you can’t “LIVESTREAM” Nymn did they did it anyway, and was kicked out of Nordic Fur Con. The article goes into detail and has copies of what actually was Livestreamed so you can see for yourself HERE. But they were asked to stop and escorted outside. Yes, they had to leave the con.

I know some have taken Nymn side, but I support the con. Rules are rules and everyone must follow them. That is why cons make such huge deals out of having both online and in the con book. Also if your not sure of something “ASK”. I will admit I got caught up in rules myself with the business cards I drop to promote this site. I learned the hard way, namely getting caught. That they MUST be placed in specific areas. I know I should have asked first, like Nymn. They also could have emailed the convention. There is someone there year-round to answer any question.

So please if you plan on doing something at a con…ask first.