Fund Raising Trek

So you might be asking what is this:

Wow, this Give Kids the World Village must mean a lot to you. What exactly is it?

It’s a nonprofit, volunteer-staffed “storybook” resort that provides free, dream vacations to critically ill children and their families – vacations that create happiness and hope when these families need it most.

For one week, children and families can set aside doctor appointments and medical treatments to laugh, play and simply spend time together – at the Village and at Central Florida’s world-class theme parks. They create a very special kind of magic at the Village – the kind of magic I love to see, and love being a part of even more. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has put the magic on hold for the time being. The Village needs our support now more than ever.

So whaddya say? Care to chip in and help send an extra dose of hope and love to the wonderful people who make Give Kids the World Village the kind of place it is? And even more hope to the hundreds of brave children and their families who are still waiting for their dream wish to come true as well? Times may be tough, but when we stand together, we’re even tougher!

So you can see it’s a good cause and if you can spare some cash please use this LINK to make a donation