Star Trek Lower Decks Review

I often get a big laugh out of early reviews, in all honesty how can you review a new series solely based on a trailer? In fact you can’t, I say it impossible.

So with that said and two episodes under my belt, How Do I Feel about Star Trek Lower Decks?

This series is LOL funny, I say it’s like what happens when you combine the early days of South Park with Star Trek. It’s everything you always wanted to see in Star Trek including a self adsorbed Bridge Crew, a crew that is underappreciated, What happens when something goes horribly wrong, and why is it the ship’s doctor is an anthro cat? Okay I admit I threw that one in there. But it is worth mentioning.

In the 1st episode SPOILER WARNING the crew is hit by a Rage Virus, they act like zombies and quickly infect nearly everyone. So how do they figure out it’s cure? It seems one of the lower deck crew go sucked like a lollypop, by a giant spider, who the people of this one planet treat like cows.

Really that is what happens.

Can you imagine this same plot showing up in say an episode of Deep Space Nine or Next Generation?!!! Hell No!!!

It is so funny.

Really everyone Star Trek Lower Decks is in my opinion is the 2nd best Trek series on CBS All-Access. The first being Star Trek Picard, which is more Babylon 5 like than I think anyone will admit.

Picard and Lower Decks are in fact the best reason to give CBS All-Access a try