The 5 Worst Things to Ever Hit The Furry Fandom

I know there are a bunch of these lists seemly everywhere on this topic. Except mine will not include this person or that. Nothing personal, but in the 2 I reported recently. I knew nothing about them before they died. Also this is mainly focused on public events.

1. The COVID-19 Pandemic

Seriously can you think of anything else that has shutdown the fandom. Except for a few places, most furry social media is dead, in addition a few cons have gone under. I can’t think of anything that has ever done this before and it took a world wide pandemic to do it.


Ever come across something that literally no one wants to go on record to talk about. Believe me I have tried, and everyone has backed out. I can understand why, because either they will come across as either arrogant or stupid. Frankly I don’t see any middle ground. But in short Rainfurrest 2015 was the worst thing to hit the fandom until this pandemic. Despite that Internet Historian video, there are still rumors that even I can’t post. Literally of everything imaginable. Recently on Reddit I saw a post about someone at that con seeing another bring stray dogs in to their room. For what I won’t say, but we all kind of know and to this very day I can not find a single person, except those on YouTube to even admit they were there in a public forum. I also can’t blame them.

3. Hate Groups Furry or Not

I know this is kind of a touchy subject with some. But I am sorry to say the fandom has it’s share of hate groups either causing problems or threatening to cause issues. One of the reasons that they have increased security at the major cons.

4. Furry Drama

Given my own experience and those who vented on various social media. Furry Drama which includes politics has actually killed meets, destroyed friendships, and dare I say has gotten people fired over false claims. It’s the one thing I hope dies with this pandemic. But I fear it won’t.

5. Stupidity

I know this might seem petty, but still stupidity at furry events still amazes me. Did you know someone actually brought a gun to a fur con? I am sorry to say that is quite true. Add in the cops and real jail time, plus the loss of the weapon… it really wasn’t that good idea. Then there is the case of this idiot tossing cash from a balcony at this one hotel and there is a YouTube video on this one, that shows the cash toss. But not what happened to the tosser, getting kicked out of their hotel room, plus a multi year ban from both. I got that from the idiot himself. Then there is what happened at another convention, I heard this at one of those Con Horror Story Panels. Where this genius decided to toss a frozen turkey, and it landed on the hotel’s glass bar. It cost a few hundred which the idiot had to pay for.

The worse part is that there are endless examples. So please lets make 2021 better… for everyone.