Since This Pandemic Started…

Do you feel like your loosing your mind?

I know some of you are laughing, but really how do you explain this.

Some have created anatomically correct nude characters for the following games.

Cyberpunk 2077

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In case you wonder how, naughty bits are drawn on a blank body

and Sims

Before Winter, the number of nude sighting are up over 70%. It was so common in England the Police have been warned. Not to look in someone’s backyard unless they are looking for someone. Meanwhile the American Association for Nude Recreation membership have reported that there membership have doubled.

Having friends who work in retail have reported sales of objects (and I am keeping this clean) to people to don’t have pets or sexual partners.

All of this while the Nintendo Switch is the #1 Console/ portable worldwide

This should not be surprising according to experts…

People who experience solitary confinement are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis. The practice also affects physical health, increasing a person’s risk for a range of conditions, including fractures, vision loss, and chronic pain.

It’s been reported that the number of suicides are up

In addition people are also experiencing the loss of loved ones during all of this. Not all deaths in 2020 was due to COVID-19. So a lot of the sadness that is about is due to grief.

The normal way people deal with loss is doing something. That is out as nearly everything is closed. Or bare minimum being apart of group therapy. As much as I hate to say this, that is out too unless you are already seeing a doctor.

Gilda’s Club normally has a “Drop In” Group Therapy. Sadly that is closed for now.

In short they are loosing their minds, and everyone is effected in some way. I am not saying everyone is experimenting with nudity. It’s just a release for some with the stress and or anxiety they are now feeling. Like watching streaming services.

As of Jan 1st 2021 there are 2 vaccines being distributed, they say by Spring we should be up to 5. Although the first doses are going to 1st Responders, dates when the public should be getting there’s are being planned.

As much hope as a lot of us have…. including yours truly. How soon will it take for the numbers to go down to a point fur cons will be opening the the public once again. Is a guess I rather not make, but some are saying we might be able to salvage the 4th Quarter of 2021… MAYBE

Which leaves one question will this seemly odd behaviour carry over post pandemic?

That I have no answer.