Jan 6, 2021 Washington, DC

I don’t have to say any more because you know I am talking about a REAL Attack on our government by domestic terrorists. Because that is what they were, and 5 persons are dead and in one case we don’t know who shot them. We can guess, but nothing official.

So Trump called on his supporters to literally overthrow our govt. You can sugar coat it, but that is what was happening. He would not be President, he would be a DICTATOR, arresting and executing anyone he sees fit.

I heard examples between what happened yesterday and what happened with Benito Mussolini. He ruled Italy during WW2 and he was Pro Hitler, for historic fact I should show what eventually happened to them. Please don’t click on the video if your sensitive, as it is rather gruesome. But it is very similar to the cult of Trump

Please be aware that democracy is fragile, and you don’t have to be a history buff to see this. Just look at what happened in both Russia and Brazil. They call themselves Presidents but they are actually dictators. Don’t think this could never happen again. Because I know it will.

Some president becomes full of themselves and think I won, no matter what the people say I won. Am I mocking trump enough? But it happened, I personally voted for Biden because I want Washington to get back to the same old, same old.

Because my dear readers you can’t do enough in your power for making the whole LGBTQ+ community illegal and expect them to vote for you. Making it legal for them to be fired and lose their homes simply because they are LGBTQ+? Is nothing short of a Right Wing Dictator.

I actually have to praise some of the Republicans in Congress for actually growing a set and standing up to what to me has been a cry baby. Constantly complaining on not getting their way. You know in the past and you know this term “Back Door Deals” is how things get done. That is why so called Obama Care passed, a deal was made. Not that you vote for the same thing that was rejected countless times by the other party and hope they give in. Think I am making that up, look it up for yourself.

Is it asking for too much for things to get back to normal in DC.

For example during my DC trip in 2019 I could not go to The White House Visitor’s Center simply because trump turned it in to a campaign office. I don’t have any photos proving this but when 9 people tell you the exact same thing… including a DC cop. You tend to believe them.

I will be happy once trump is gone. But after yesterday I tend to believe this won’t be the last of his conflicts with our govt.