Turning 30 Soon

Speaking as someone who is much older than 30, I guess you could call me an expert on getting pass that DREADED AGE. I have seen that same NSFW image of a nude male anthro dog a few times, from those who fear turning 30.

Lets be honest here, no one stays the same forever. Would you still want to be a kid? Pre Puberty? No you wouldn’t and life is that way. We grow and move on to different life experiences. Getting older is nothing to fear, and depends on your health and if you have had anything major happen to you. That you will be fine, it just means things will be different. Drinking all night and getting wasted when your younger is ok for some but not when your older. The older you get the way your body handles booze changes.

Hangovers can get worse, and you might discover food allergies. Yes they can come out of no where. For example I can’t eat shellfish or certain types of fish. It makes my tummy hurt.

Like earlier when I mentioned did you break something? Well as you get older and the weather changes. You will get aches and pains exactly where they broke. I am sorry, but it does happen.

Also let me make it perfectly clear you don’t have to stop being a furry at a certain age.

You simply become a GREYMUZZLE

In fact the oldest fursuiter I ever met in the fandom was 83. They did admit they had to get one of those cooling vests. But that is a given, not everyone can handle the heat inside of one even if they are young. At MFF one year, I heard this 17 year old fursuiter had one of those full body cooling outfits they wear under their fursuit. Simply because they passed out when they wore their first time for a long time.

In short don’t worry, your body will let you know if you do something stupid. Then don’t do that again.

Really you will be fine.