Russia Wants to Ban Furries

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But that is right Russia wants to label furries are Extremists, on the same list as terrorist.

Russia should expand its list of extremist ideologies to include movements such as radical feminism and LGBT in order to protect children from damaging material, a senior official at the country’s media regulator has suggested.

Speaking at a meeting of the Parents’ Chamber, attended by over 200 delegates from parliament, Andrey Tsyganov called on the government to help law enforcement by including a number of “ideologies” on the extremism list.

Tsyganov is head of the Roskomnadzor Commission for the Protection of Children from Destructive Content.

This is someone who is apart of Putin’s government.

This is there direct quote

“We need to expand the rights of law enforcers. We have repeatedly suggested this. All kinds of these ideologies – LGBT, radical feminism, furries, childfree – should certainly be recognized as extremism in order to untie the hands of our law enforcers,” Tsyganov said.